I catch myself speaking in riddles & you try your best to make it all make sense but you never can.

I don’t think we’ll ever get a single point across to the other but damn, how we try.

And fuck, how we fight.

We’re drowning in all this passion but I don’t mind.

I see fires in your eyes & that should send me running but you kiss me & I know I’m home, so I stay & watch the embers fly away with my doubt.

I still listen to sad songs as I write while you watch t.v… Just to remember how our souls bled..

But how it was worth it.

I’m not sure if you’ll ever be able to touch me without breaking me but I’m willing to see.

And I know this won’t be easy, but loving you is-

My heart aches for you in ways that leave me breathless & anxious & if that isn’t love, I don’t think I’d survive what is.

If the way I traced the scar on your right arm with my lips at 4 a.m isn’t the purest form of forgiveness after the way you tore me to shreds, I’ll never know what is.

Because maybe you’re right.. Maybe everyone does deserve another chance to make it right.

― And if we can’t, it was a beautiful try. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)